8.5 Miler – 8:00 am


Pink Ribbon Tour’s 8.5 Mile course is designed for casual riders. Aid Stations and course support will be available to ensure your ride is safe and enjoyable. Course begins with a steady decline down Alvin Ricken Road and levels out for the majority of the course. Finishes with an incline and leveling off of the course from the ISU campus up MLK Drive, East Terry, Alvin Ricken to the finish line at Southeastern Idaho Public Health.

20 Miler – 8:00am


Pink Ribbon Tour’s 20 Mile Course is designed for new riders. The distance and inclines are ideal for new riders who are looking for a moderate challenge. Course includes modest rolling hills and a steady climb and leveling off toward the end of the ride. This course also has aid stations and course support to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

35 Miler – 8:00am


Pink Ribbon Tour’s 35 Mile course is for experienced rider or riders looking for a challenge. This course has a mixture of steady climbs and long open roads. The steady incline up Rapid Creek and Bucksin Road has changing fall leaves to make this course a beautiful challenge. Aid stations and course support are available to help encourage riders and provide peace of mind.

50 Miler – 8:00am


 Pink Ribbon Tour’s 50 Mile Course is designed for very experienced riders. This course is a popular ride among local cyclist and is well known for its inclines and beautiful scenery. The first half of the course enjoys rolling hills out to McCammon, Idaho. After crossing the Highway more rollers abound back to Inkom. Incline becomes the name of the game from Rapid Creek Road to beautiful Buckskin Drive. Aid stations have been strategically placed to support riders through the climbs to ensure an enjoyable challenge and success.